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On 8/9/2014 10:13 AM, Saimadhav Heblikar wrote:
> Saimadhav Heblikar added the comment:
> Not sure if this consequence of the commit is intended behavior,

It is.

> In any file, set a breakpoint on any line. Pressing <Enter> key
> anywhere after the first character, will create a new breakpoint in
> the next line.

Pressing any normal key within a tagged slice inserts the corresponding 
character within the slice.  If the character happens to be \n, then the 
*one* slice encompasses one more line than it did before.

A BREAK tag on line n encompasses one complete line, including terminal 
\n. In slice terms, n.0:(n+1).0. An xml version might look like the 

<BREAK>This is something. This is something else

Insert \n after 'some' and we have

<BREAK>This is some
thing. This is something else

The tag now encompasses two complete lines (including, importantly, two 
\ns). This is standard slice insertion behavior, which tk provides us. 
There is no new slice created.

> These lines will also get saved to the .idlerc/breakpoints.lst file.

PyShellEditorWindow.store_file_breaks calls .update_breakpoints
This sends text.tag_ranges("BREAK") to .ranges_to_linenumbers.
This specifically accounts for possible insertions with this loop for 
each tag range.
             while lineno < end:  # lineno initially start line
                 lineno += 1

When I initially read the tag setting code, I wondered why include \n, 
why not the following?

<BREAK>This is something. This is something else</BREAK>

Possible insertion of \n is an answer.

The comment block for store_file_breaks addresses some of these issues, 
and needs revision after the patch.

I have been thinking that PyShellEditorWindow, later renamed 
EditorWindow*, should be BreakpointEditorWindow and moved to

* not to be confused with EditorWindow.EditorWindow, which should really 
be called BaseEditorWindow.

# after applying either of your patches, at least locally.
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