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Date 2014-08-05.14:46:47
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Okay, here is the problem. In Windows, you get DeprecationWarning if you pass bytes object to method such as os.lstat.
import os

C:\Users\vajrasky\Code\cpython>python.bat -Wdefault DeprecationWarning: The Windows bytes API has been deprecated, use Unicode filenames instead

The test that throws this error is this one:

    def test_rmtree_works_on_bytes(self):
        tmp = self.mkdtemp()
        victim = os.path.join(tmp, 'killme')
        write_file(os.path.join(victim, 'somefile'), 'foo')
        victim = os.fsencode(victim)
        self.assertIsInstance(victim, bytes)
        shutil.rmtree(victim)  => This one calls os.lstat

So I am not sure how to fix this problem. Disable the test for Windows? If we convert the path to Unicode then the test losses the meaning.
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