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Date 2014-07-25.07:25:50
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2014-07-25 9:02 GMT+02:00 Charles-François Natali <>:
>> Pipes cannot be configured in non-blocking mode on Windows. It sounds dangerous to call a blocking syscall in a signal handler.
>> In fact, it works to write the signal number into a pipe on Windows, but I'm worried about the blocking behaviour.
> OK, but if someone passes a socket in blocking mode, it will be accepted.
> I don't understand why, if you're worried about a blocking write, you
> don't just check that the FD passed is in non-blocking mode. It's
> conceptually cleaner, more direct and safer.
> Also, I think there's another issue open on the tracker to check just
> that, so I'd leave this check out here.

In the issue #22042, I would like to make automatically the file desscriptor or socket handler in non-blocking mode. The problem is that you cannot make a file descriptor in non-blocking mode on Windows.

Or maybe you disagree with the issue #22042?
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