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Date 2014-07-24.14:47:03
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I wrote this code, but I don't know how to make a patch.

Insert these codes in C:\Python34\Lib\idlelib\
Around line 234, before this line:
self.text.delete("1.0", "end")

        # check non-bmp characters
        line_count = 1
        position_count = 1
        for char in chars:
            if char == '\n':
                line_count += 1
                position_count = 1
            if ord(char) > 0xFFFF:
                nonbmp_msg = ("IDLE can't display non-BMP characters "
                              "(codepoint above 0xFFFF).\n"
                              "A non-BMP character found at line %d, "
                              "position %d of file %s, codepoint 0x%X.\n"
                              "Please open this file with another editor.")
                tkMessageBox.showerror("non-BMP character",
                                        nonbmp_msg %
                                       (line_count, position_count,
                                        filename, ord(char)),
                return False
            position_count += 1
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