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2014-07-24 10:11 GMT+02:00 Charles-Fran├žois Natali <>:
>> Please also fix socketpair() in asyncio to add the while/drop unknown
>> connection (well, the function in and must
>> be the same).
> That's a separate issue.


>> Oh, and you forgot to modify the documentation to update
>> "Availability". Please add a ".. versionchanged:: 3.5" mentionning
>> that the function is now also available on Windows.
> Did you look at the patch?
> 363 .. versionchanged:: 3.5
> 364 Windows support added

Ok, I missed this part.

In this case, socketpair-4.diff looks good to me. You can commit your
patch in Python 3.5.

I will open another issue to synchronize asyncio, maybe fix accept()
to check the address and drop the "if proto != 0:" test.
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