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Date 2014-07-23.13:45:29
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I understand that os.kill(pid, sig) should call TerminateProcess() or GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent() depending on the value of sig.

The problem is that these two functions are very different. A process can set a control handler for CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT, so can decide how to handle GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent() event.

TerminateProcess() kills the process with the specified exit code.

To me it looks wrong to call TerminateProcess() with a signal number or event for the exit code!? We need to expose TerminateProcess() as a new Python function, os.TerminateProcess(pid, exitcode) for example.

os.kill(pid, sig) should raise a ValueError if sig is not CTRL_C_EVENT nor CTRL_BREAK_EVENT.
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