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Author cosmicduck
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Date 2014-07-17.22:50:59
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this is a problem for all users which have to want to use python on there own home directory.
I wonder me, how did some other projects could install python to different directories e.g. OpenCSW it did on /opt/csw/...

My most problem is, that I can do many but without root access, which is denied. In this case a installation/build to a different path is very helpfull.

The situation was, that python and there most modules are working well also post installed ones.

Only the problem with the shebang to the scripts was the major problems which I've fixed by a line change on all scripts.
But to build python on a different root path e.g. my home folder, this should be changed simply by make itself and not by hand as I did it.

I'm unsure that other problems with my steps exists, but only the shebang problem is found by me.

This problem could also exists on later releases than 3.3. So for me it's ok to close this issue for 3.3. 
But for later releases, e.g. 3.4 it should checked and fixed, please.
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