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Date 2014-07-16.17:43:37
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> R. David Murray added the comment:
> Just to make sure I understand: the issue is that gmail may produce flags
> with [] in them, and imaplib currently fails to process such flags when it
> receives them from gmail?
> This is correct. Gmail allows you to create flags with [], and the
Response_code regex doesn't process them properly.

> In principle I think we would not want to allow imaplib to be used to
> create such flags unless the user specifies some sort of "I want to violate
> the RFC" flag (which they might want to do, for example, to run tests
> against gmail :)  But currently it looks like it can?  (I haven't looked at
> this in enough detail to be sure.)  If that's true we probably have to
> continue to allow it for backward compatibility reasons, but we should
> document the RFC violation and possible consequences (an IMAP server
> rejecting such flags).
> Yes, currently we can. I've posted the code in order to do this. This is
basically the result.

>>> first_id = msg_ids.split()[0]
>>>, "+FLAGS", "[test]")
('OK', [b'1 (FLAGS (\\Seen Answered [test] NotJunk $NotJunk [Brackets]

However, I would think it would be the server's job to uphold this rule,
not the library. The server should return with a BAD response, but right
now, Gmail allows you to do this.

Should we throw a warning in the "store" method? Otherwise, I can update
the documenation in the "store" method stating that having '[]' is allowed
but violates the RFC protocol.

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