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Date 2014-07-14.02:00:38
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On 13 Jul 2014 18:39, "Marc-Andre Lemburg" <> wrote:
> Marc-Andre Lemburg added the comment:
> Why are you removing guarantees like these from the str docs:
> "The original string is returned if *width* is less than or equal to

Because it's untrue for bytearray, and possible object reuse is a general
characteristic of immutability for str and bytes. If another implementation
makes a copy for some reason, it would still be considered "Python".

Since the sentence thus conveys no useful information, I removed it from
both the text and binary variants rather than coming up with appropriate
wording to indicate that the behaviour of returning a new reference to the
existing object when no content changes are needed doesn't apply to the
mutable bytearray.

> ?
> This doesn't seem to have anything to do with documenting bytes and
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