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There was an old document in the "howto" folder whose advice was in many cases flat-out wrong, so Raymond Hettinger performed a wonderful public service by deleting it back in 2011:

Unfortunately it looks like the process for publishing Python documentation only adds documents, but never deletes them, so a copy of the documentation is still available under the "3.4" document tree:

It should be deleted as soon as possible. Because it is presumed that only the most accurate and up-to-date documentation lives under the URL "3.4", people are reading and debating this document's bad advice as though it is official guidance as to how to use the language. (The only hint that something is wrong, alas, is the tiny detail that the top-left of the page says “Python v3.3a0 documentation”).

The advice is currently being debated on Twitter and people are sad that they are supposed to stop using “from foo import bar” in Python.
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