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Lita, testing the second turtledemo_pane.patch (2014-06-09) with a current default (pre-3.5) build and with OS X ActiveTcl 8.5.15: if an example is selected but not running, moving the slider to the left is fairly smooth but the scroll bar for the right frame tends to also move to the left while the slider is moving, then settles back to the right side of the window when the slider motion stops.  When moving the slider to the right, the right side of the outline rectangle of the left frame tends to lag behind the slider and then catches up to the slider when motion stops.  Both the left and right lags are slight (IMO) but noticeable.  I tried moving the slider while running a couple of demos and, as could be expected, the overall response is a little jerky as the demo graphics get redrawn but it didn't look bad to me.  The OS X Tk 8.4.20 was pretty similar.  With the OS X X11-based Tk (8.6), there were more noticeable sections of a darker background that would briefly appear to the right in the right frame when moving the slider to the left.  (I did not try the patch on virtual machines.)  All in all, I think having the resizable frames is a usability improvement, even if the resizing is not 100% smooth on all platforms.
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