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Lita, to find the detailed Tk version info (which is really important with 8.5 since it has changed considerably over its long life):

>>> import tkinter
>>> t = tk.Tk()
>>>'info', 'patchlevel')
>>>'tk', 'windowingsystem')


I don't have a physical Windows machine but I fired up a Windows 7 virtual machine and, again, with the stock 2.7.8 and 3.4.1, the test in msg222301 works just fine for me.  I also tried it on a relatively current Ubuntu Linux VM and its fine there, too.  All of these were using either Tk 8.5.15 or 8.6.1 and they all work the same.  For any kind of Tk work, one needs to be using recent versions of Tk, ideally 8.5.15 or 8.6.1.  But this is pretty basic stuff.  I don't know why there why a current Tk would not be able to render this perfectly, unless it was being run on *really* old hardware/graphics, or possibly if one were trying to run this under IDLE rather than standalone.
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