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Date 2014-07-01.17:43:43
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Zach, I reviewed your 2.7 backport, including a comparison with the latest 3.x patch.

Comments on the 2.7 backport:

1. In "3.1.1 Numbers", on "If both operands are ints,":
The "ints" is a link labeled "int" followed by a normal font "s". I think it would be better to avoid concatenating them, and to say something like: "If both operands are of type int,".

Comments on both the 2.7 backport and on the latest 3.x patch:

2. In the last paragraph of "3.1.1 Numbers" ("In addition to int and float, Python supports..:":
The long type could be mentioned here as well, only with a link and no explanation, consistent with how Decimal and Fraction are mentioned.

Comments on just the latest 3.x patch:

3. In "3.1.2. Strings", I am missing a mentioning that the characters in strings are Unicode characters. I think quite a bit of the unicode subclause of the 2.x patch would be appropriate. I would also mention byte strings at this point, but only the fact that they exist and with a link.
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