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Date 2014-06-30.15:11:14
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Trying to configure 3.4.1 on Cent OS 6.4.  I have built Tcl and Tk, using the prefix /scratch/root.  I can confirm the builds with:

$ find /scratch/root/ -name "tcl.h"

$ find /scratch/root/ -name "tk.h"

But, when configuring Python, they aren't picked up:

$ ./configure --prefix=/scratch/root --with-tcltk-includes=/scratch/root/include --with-tcltk-libs=/scratch/root/lib | grep tcl
checking for --with-tcltk-includes... /scratch/root/include
checking for --with-tcltk-libs... /scratch/root/lib
checking for UCS-4 tcl... no

I've tried to make install with this, but then get the usual exception from _tkinter.
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