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Date 2014-06-27.20:11:16
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I am closing this for both the general reasons already given and the lack of a proposed api that could programmed, Hence there is no example code that would run and hence no specifics to approve. If someone wanted to pursue this, python-ideas would be a better place.

One of the general reasons given is that the example does not demonstrate a real need for the fixtures proposed. My take on the example code is this.

The input to TpedIterator is an iterable of lines. A list of lines will work as well an an open file. I would create a file of example lists and import the one needed for each docstring. For the example given.

def TpedIterator(lines):
    '''Yield Marker for each line of lines.

    >>> from biopython.sample_data import Tped
    >>> for marker in TpedIterator(Tped):
    ...    print(marker)
    Marker rs10000543, 2 individuals
    Marker rs10000929, 2 individuals
    Marker rs10002472, 2 individuals
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