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Alright, so I'm going to use the equivalent of the following code, unless someone can tell me that something is wrong:

from keyword import iskeyword
from unicodedata import category, normalize

_ID_FIRST_CATEGORIES = {"Lu", "Ll", "Lt", "Lm", "Lo", "Nl",

_ASCII_ID_CHARS = set(string.ascii_letters + string.digits + "_")
_ID_KEYWORDS = {"True", "False", "None"}

def is_id_char(char):
    return char in _ASCII_ID_CHARS or (
        ord(char) >= 128 and
        category(normalize(char)[0]) in _ID_CATEGORIES

def is_identifier(id_candidate):
    return id_candidate.isidentifier() and (
        (not iskeyword(id_candidate)) or
        id_candidate in _ID_KEYWORDS

 def _eat_identifier(str, limit, pos):
    i = pos
    while i > limit and is_id_char(str[pos - i]):
        i -= 1
    if i < pos and not is_identifier(str[i:pos]):
        return 0
    return pos - i
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