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Date 2014-06-20.06:47:22
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I think the problem was a combination of two issues.

First, the warning in is a bit hidden. Kind of squeezed in 
between CDLL, etc and PyDLL. In contrast, does a much better 
job, because it restates the fact that the GIL is released at each and 
every item. I think this is much better, because chances are high that 
you actually read the entry completely. In contrast, in case you 
are in a hurry you might miss the warning in

I think the second problem was that back then I was not aware of the 
fact that you need the GIL to call the Python/C API. That was a bit 
stupid indeed. But as a Python beginner it was just not obvious. Maybe 
the Introduction of the Python/C API needs some work, too. No GIL 
mentioned at
Furthermore, the examples at also do not talk 
about the GIL.
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