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Date 2014-06-18.12:51:42
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Most of the issues needed to build python3 properly on VMS involve either bugs in the VMS C API that need to be worked around or missing libraries that Python3 expects to have.

As none of the Python developers should need to care about this, and these issues are common to ports of other VMS projects, I plan to do the following unless someone objects:

1. Create a new issue tracker here to document what it takes to attempt build the in development branch of Python on VMS, and try keep it up to date with significant issues found.

2. Create a mercurial repository on the vms-ports sourceforge site that contains the additional VMS specific files that are needed to build the in development branch.  I will also create a VMS specific discussion there about the more detailed status of the port progress.

3. Where cases are actually found where the issue is in python, such as posixmodule.c overriding the configure files to assume fork is present when configure detected it was not, a ticket here will be filed.

If someone then shows up inquiring at the status of VMS, then they can be pointed at that new ticket.
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