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Author skrah
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Date 2014-06-18.11:35:49
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> The two issues were unrelated - the 'invalid filter ID'
> (4611686018427387905 == 0x40000000_00000001) is the correct
> value but the wrong branch in the switch was taken, leading
> to the error message.

Unfortunately I don't have a Visual Studio setup right now.

It seems to me that at the time the wrong branch is taken, f->id
could be in the registers in the wrong order (same as in msg170985),
but when the error message is printed, the value is read from
memory.  This is just a guess of course.

As Martin, I'm uncomfortable that the memoryview issue no longer
appears, but this one still does.

I've attached an alternative version of PyLong_AsUnsignedLongLong()
that is just intended for testing the compiler.

If the optimizer does whole progam optimization, it might choke
on _PyLong_AsByteArray().
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