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Date 2014-06-17.06:53:52
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> ita1024: please don't post to closed issues; your message here will be ignored.

Bugs for Python 2 will be ignored anyway so what can you do? I am currently fighting with the effects of using threads, subprocess.Popen and sqlite in Python2 and found this bug report.

Among other issues (like a hang for still unknown reasons when calling subprocess.Popen) I have also seen gc getting disabled for a long running process which has multiple threads and starts processes via subprocess.Popen from different threads.

The attached example reproduces disabling GC for me in Python 2.7.6. I checked with Python 3.4 and it is fixed there. Looking at the source, Python 3 implements subprocess.Popen correctly by doing fork + execve at the C side, unless the caller really wants to run a preexec_fn and is prepared for the failure.

Another case for using Python 3...
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