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Author taleinat
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Date 2014-06-15.05:57:09
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Terry, I'm not sure what you mean but your last comment.

HyperParser.get_surrounding_brackets() will return a previous opening bracket, even if no closing bracket is found for it. CallTips depends on that behavior to find the previous opening parenthesis even if it is not closed.

I can surely say that CallTips profits from the existing behavior of HyperParser, because it doesn't care whether the parenthesis is closed, and this allows HyperParser to do less parsing work.

This patch preserves all of the above and does not affect CallTips at all, since for CallTips it leaves end_at_eol at its default value of True. Likewise for all other uses of HyperParser, including those in ParenMatch, except ParenMatch.flash_paren_event().
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