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Since ParenMatch and fixes* to HyperParser depend on this issue, I would like to do this first. For, I would like to first commit a clean-up only patch. The test_hyperparser patch should then only add the 'if __name__' clause at the end.

I would like to apply the attached tomorrow, pending comments. It
adds docstrings and properly formats them per PEP 8; reformats comment blocks, and properly wrap lines without '\', eliminating occurences already present.

The v1 tests continue to pass once 'before the analyzed' is changed in the test file to 'precedes'. 'Index' or 'statement' might be better targets. 

*After is added, additional tests for #21756 (finding closers) and new #21765 -- making HyperParser work with non-ascii identifiers, will be added as part of any code fix patches.
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