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Date 2014-06-14.14:55:51
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> Isn't PyLong_FromUnsignedLongLong() still involved through spec_add_field()?

The two issues were unrelated - the 'invalid filter ID' (4611686018427387905 == 0x40000000_00000001) is the correct value but the wrong branch in the switch was taken, leading to the error message.

> If the compiler is demonstrated to generate bad code in one case, we should *not* exclude that code from optimization, but not use optimization at all.

By that logic, we should be using a debug build on every platform... I've encountered various codegen bugs in gcc and MSVC, though they've all been fixed (apart from this one). All developers are human, including most compiler writers.

That said, I'll wait on the response from the PGO team. If they don't give me enough confidence, then I'll happily forget about the whole idea of using it for 3.5.
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