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Date 2014-06-13.20:44:23
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Ben Hoyt wrote:
> I'm replying to the code review here as when I tried to reply on
> I got a Python exception, "AttributeError:
> NoneType has no attribute something or other".

Generally when you get that you can just hit back and try again, it will work by the 4th try ;)

> I don't think so -- I thought the purpose of moving them to _stat.c
> was so you could use the windows.h constants rather than hard-coded
> integers? But if they're in, why do they need to be in
> _stat.c as well?

The idea is that _stat.c will use system-provided values wherever possible, but should be as accurate as we can make it to provide a backup for when _stat isn't around (either when it's just not built, which isn't an issue on Windows, or in another Python implementation).
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