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On 13.06.2014 18:49, Jim Jewett wrote:
> As best I can tell, this renames the original get_code to _get_code, and then delegates to it after handling the imp.PY_FROZEN case ... why not just add imp.PY_FROZEN to the if/elif chain in the original method?

Of course, a proper patch would work that way and I can submit one
if there's demand. The attached patch was the result of a programmatic
patching system that uses search & replace. That's why it uses this
awkward style.

> I also note that the call to self._fix_name doesn't do anything helpful unless it is overridden in a subclass -- was this patch really intended as a recipe for subclasses, that avoided super for backwards compatibility?

It does: if fullname is None, it returns self.fullname.

> If it is intended to go into the main branch, then someone has to decide whether it is OK to enhance despite being deprecated.
> If it is just an example, then it should probably be closed with an appropriate status.  I'm guessing "not a bug", but that isn't quite right either.

It is deprecated in 3.4, but not in 2.7 and for 2.7 I consider this
a bug, since pkgutil claims to support frozen packages in the
ImpImporter doc-string.
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