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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2014-06-13.06:35:15
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Attached is the 3.4 file I am ready to commit. Comments on Rietveld. I believe the 3 missed line could be hit by adding a delay to a test, but this seems pretty useless. The test file explicitly tests only two of the methods. Tests of other methods could be written, but since they would mostly be white-box tests that code does exactly what it says it does, this does not seem useful.

What *would* be useful is a patch to ParenMatch.set_timeout_last to keep the highlight on for as long as ^0 is held down, if longer that .5 sec. Right now, it flickers on and off.

The range bug, if such it is, is in 
HyperParser(self.editwin, "insert").get_surrounding_brackets().  I might take a look.
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