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The 3.4 stable buildbots are green except for two that ran test_idle ok.
The problem is that in 2.7, unittest.loader does not catch ResourceDenied at module level whereas is does in 3.4. The only indication that there should be a difference is that the 3.x doc has "Skipped modules will not have setUpModule() or tearDownModule() run."

I am puzzled though, since the manual says this was added in 3.1 and 2.7 came out after. Also, I presume that 2.7 test.regrtest honors the SkipTest raised by 2.7 test_support.import_module, which is usually used at module level. 

If someone wants to revert the patch, go ahead. I have to get some sleep before I do anything (it is 5 am).

"Please don't create Tk object at module creating stage."
I didn't. I intentionally put TK stuff inside setUpModule so it would happen at test running stage.
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