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I ran the patched code but have not looked at the code itself. Pending such a look, I would consider committing it if we cannot do better, as it solves both issues. However, there are two visual issues.

1. The minor one: The blue label does not have drop shadows, the red/yellow buttons do. I suspect the intent is to differentiate something that cannot be pressed from things that can. But the effect at the boundary is  bit jarring. On the bottem, the buttons are underlined in black, the label not. On the top, the button have a very light shading that makes them look narrower than they are. I wonder if it would look better if the label has shadows to match, or if there were a small separation between the labels and buttons (horizonatal padding on the label?). If you understand what is bother me, see if you can come up with something that looks better than you. Even post a couple of alternatives, if you want.

2. More important: when I move the slider right, the text widen and the canvas narrows relatively smoothly. When I go the other way, to the left, a trail of vertical line is left behind for perhaps a third of a second. The right scrollbar, the vertical canvas bars, jiggles back and forth about a few mm, as if it were not fixed in place but attached to springs and dragged by the canvas. This happens even with both panes empty. It looks pretty bad.

I wonder if this has anything to do with mixing grid and pack. An experiment would be to put an empty PanedWindow into a window and see if it behaves as badly.  I have a decent system, and moving -> work almost ok, so something seems wrong.
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