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Date 2014-06-04.14:59:19
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Attaching a patch to make title bar user configurable.

In this patch
The title bar is configurable for PyShellEditorWindow(EditorWindow), PyShell and OutputWindow. 
The user may add the following parameters -

        py_major_version (3)
        py_minor_version (4)
        py_patchlevel (1+)
        tk_version (8.5)
        tcl_version (8.5)
        filename (
        dir_path (/media/dev/)
        full_path (/media/dev/
        modified_asterik (if/not saved '*')

These parameters are configurable by going to "options"->"configure idle"->"general tab"->"configure"
The above parameters have to inserted between {} as {tk_version}

The fetching of title is done by a utility function called get_title.
Redundant methods short_title and long_title have been removed.

Default config titles for PyShellEditorWindow, PyShell and OutputWindow have been inserted into config-main.def. This is based on my preferences. It may be very different from what the community/idle userbase requires. These settings have to be changed to suit the tastes of community/idle userbase.

A new module called configTitle. This contains a getTitleDialog class. It is modeled along the lines of cfgSectionNameDialog and cfgSectionHelpSourceEdit dialog. 

In,in "general tab", a new section for configuring title bar has been added. Clicking "configure" brings up a "getTitleDialog" dialog, where the user can modify the title. A simple validity check is also performed. As best possible, the GUI additions are in close sync with the existing code around it(except in ConfigureTitleBar).

And to whats missing,
1. Bettor error messages could be shown to user
2. Better help text to user in the config dialog,
3. Better UI/UX for configDialog
4. Tests!
5. ConfigureTitleBar() could be rewritten, say once we have a good picture of whats needed/not needed/to be removed etc.
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