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Well, they should not be identical, as they are for different use cases.

"pkg-config python" is to build an application containing a python interpreter (like python$EXE):
 + Link against Additionally,
 + re-export symbols from for the python-modules (platform-specific).
 = This is similar to build against any other library, thus using 'pkg-config python'.

"python-config" is to build a python-module (like build/lib.<platform>-<pyver>/*.so):
 + No need to link against, instead
 + expect symbols from to be available at runtime, platform specific either
 + as a list of symbols to import from "the main executable" (AIX), or
 + as undefined symbols at build-time (Linux, others), or
 = This is specific to python-modules, thus using 'python-config'.
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