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Date 2014-06-02.05:51:52
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For tests that use a Text widget, I want the first version to be a gui test using tkinter.Text. This removes mock Text as an issue in writing the tests. I will not commit without running the test 'live' at least once.

Once the file (or at least a TestCase) is complete, we can then consider replacing the real Text with the mock. The gui code is commented out, rather than deleted, in case there is ever a need to switch back. See (#18489), where this was done,  (Even partial conversions are worthwhile if complete conversion is not possible.) Did I forget to say this in idle_test/README.txt? (I know I forget to mention this directly before now, Sorry ;-).

Some modules import tkinter and instantiate widgets either upon import or during testing, (This is different from taking a widget instance as an argument in .__init__.) If so  a gui-free test requires that the module be monkey-patched with mocks. For SearchEngine, the only widgets are XyzVars and TkMessageBox, for which we do have mocks. AutoExpand does not import tkinter, so it is fine as is.

In your patch, comment out "from idlelib.idle_test.mock_tk import Text" and add the needed gui code. See the commented out code in 
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