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The patch for #18132 replaced pack with grid, But the replacement seemed partial even within the top frame (but I may have misread). Mixing the two is known to be a bad idea. has a big warning box about this. I think we can fix both issues with a 2row x 4col grid. The first col would have a minsize as now but be expandable. The canvas would have a rowspan of 3. The bottom row would have a fixed size so it does not disappear. I don't know if gridding a frame with a widget and scrollbars packed inside is ok or not.  If not, it should be possible to grid widget and scrollbars instead. In any case, the result should be a bit simpler, with at least 1 less intermediate frame (for the 3 buttons under the canvas. Unless someone else would rather, I will do a final review, test, and commit. 

If you try an approach that does not work, say so and I will know not to suggest it ;-).
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