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I think the *some* of the 'adultification' that you refer to is a result of Gregor reimplementing turtle in a tkinter-independent intermediate language or two, the lowest layer of which he then implemented in tkinter as one particular backend. He intended to implement that next-to-lowest layer with other backends for use outside the stdlib. But unless we were to replace tkinter, that flexibility is just added and unneeded complexity for turtle in the stdlib.

I originally read to learn how to program the tkinter canvas. I hoped to see how visible turtle actions, especially animations, translated to canvas calls. I just downloaded 2.5.6 (26kb instead of 145kb). At first glance, it seems more suited to that particular need. You would find it a better example of 'straight-forward code' for your classes. I just ran it from 2.7.6 Idle and the end-of-file demo runs.

I have no knowledge of why the 2.5 turtle was replaced instead of being patched and upgraded. At the time, I was just a casual Python user who had never used turtle.
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