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Date 2014-05-31.21:42:39
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I like the proposal and would like to see it happen. My concern is to avoid having interns write patches that get rejected for non-technical reasons. I won't make any specific suggestions until I get more information either from the pydev thread
or from Gregor. I already emailed him directly, asking him to sign a contributor agreement and settle the matter of turtle maintenance.

Lita, please post a summary of the types of issues you have found (at most, say, 20). Some things are no-brainers, like adding missing spaces, as in 'a=3' to 'a = 3' or 'f (a,b = 3)' to 'f(a, b=3)', which also removes extra spaces. Rietveld's within-lines diffs make these easy to check. Other fixes are riskier.
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