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Date 2014-05-31.16:58:48
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Terry, thank you for all the time you've been putting into the GSoC and OPW tickets.

> Questions: is there project link? are any of the mentors core developers, with commit rights? or would you need commits from someone like me? is a broad-strokes outline. As we get further into the internship we'll decide on areas of focus. I'm the main mentor. I don't have commit rights but would be reviewing most of the changes before putting them in the commit review stage.

> I looked for and did not fine test/test_turtle. Did I miss something? Turtledemo is a partial substitute, but it might not exercise all turtle functions.

You didn't miss anything. :) Part of this internship will be adding unit test coverage.

@Lita: I'll take care of creating unit test tickets that split up the work between you and Ingrid.

> Testing: A complete 'unit' test would test each function in each layer. A minimal 'unit' test should at least test each top-level function and check response on the canvas. Assuming that one can get to tk root and canvas, some things should be possible. But I don't know what introspection functions a canvas has. An alternative would be to replace the canvas with a mock-canvas with extra introspection added. Another alternative would be a human-verified test, a turtle script that systematically called every function and said that it was doing for a person to verify. "Line width: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12 17, 30" (with a slight pause for each width).

Ingrid Cheung (added to the nosy list) is working on unit test scaffolding, inspired by the tkinter tests.

I want to make sure there's a clear course of action for Lita on this ticket. If cleanup is controversial, how about rescoping this to points (3) and (4) from the original ticket statement:

> 3. Examine commented out code, and either remove it or open a ticket if it represents an issue that should be fixed.

> 4. Examine # XXX comments, and either remove them if they are no longer applicable, or open tickets for them if they still represent bugs and then remove them.

@Terry, what do you think about that?

@Lita, your pep8 and linter work has not been in vain. :) It'll come in handy local to where you fix bugs and add features down the road.
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