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Date 2014-05-30.20:46:49
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Hi Terry,

> is there project link? are any of the mentors core developers, with
>  commit rights? or would you need commits from someone like me?

I am not 100% sure. Let me ask Jessica, who is my mentor, and get back to you.

> I have read and found that the multiple layers made some 
> things hard to follow. To me, this was a bigger impediment than code
>  formatting. You may want to develop an outline of the layer
>  structure.

There is no project link to Turtle cleanup specifically. But I can definitely try to reorganize the code such that it flows better and it is easier to read. I can add that to the list.

> As you may know, Guido generally discourages pure code cleanups and
> prefers that they be done when the code is examined for other 
> purposes. I personally think some changes are safe enough if verified 
> by a second person.

I actually did not know that Guido discourages pure code cleanup. Should I try to find a feature to add? Currently, I am doing all the easy stuff, and making it pep8 compliant and work through linter. I am also trying to delete some of the commented out code.

> I looked for and did not fine test/test_turtle. Did I miss something?
> Turtledemo is a partial substitute, but it might not exercise all 
> turtle functions.

I actually don't see the Turtle tests as well. Should creating unit tests for be a separate ticket?

I am currently developing off of 3.4. I will try to run my patch through all the versions of Python 3 to make sure it is a clean fix.
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