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Author Dominic.Cerquetti
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Date 2014-05-27.18:56:35
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Requesting re-open of this issue, using --closes to force no symlinks to be created still results in venv trying to create symlinks.

I'm using Python 3.4 with the following command inside a vagrant Ubuntu 14.04 virtualbox image.  The folder is a SMB mount from a windows host, which does not allow symlinks.

Expected behavior: os.symlink() is never called when you run:
python3.4 -m venv --copies

Actual behavior: os.symlink() is still called in a few places such as:
line: 147
line: 215

I have a fix for line 215 that I'm testing now (basically just need to call copier() instead of os.symlink()). 

I don't want to mess with line 147 due to it being OSX specific and I have no way to test it.  But in theory it should also just be a call to copier()
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