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skrah: I am not sure what link are you referring to.
However, no matter which link you are talking about, the documentation still doesn't match the behavior no matter how you interpret it.

Some possible interpretations of the documentation on OverflowError:

- OverflowError is raised only by "arithmetic operations" on non-integers in the strictest sense possible (e.g. +,-,*,/,**) , which does not include library functions. This interpretation seems absurd to me.

- OverflowError is raised by arithmetic operations on "non-integers", where "integers" refer only to python integers, which never overflow, and excludes C integers. This seems pretty awkward, since this implies that the behavior of library functions regarding overflows is implementation-defined (aka undefined behavior) to some extent, and I don't think this is good.

- OverflowError is raised by arithmetic operations on non-integers, which can be initiated by either the user, a user script or a library function. However, the issues linked in msg219024 involve library functions that obviously deals only with integers. Resolving behaviors to match this interpretation seems pretty logical to me, but will most likely cause a lot of implementation issues.
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