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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-05-24.04:34:29
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Posting a cumulative patch of all htest written so far.

They include IOBinding, Tooltips, MultiStatusbar, tabbedpages, objectbrowser,
scrolledlist, dynOptionWidget, treewidget, widgetredirector,
colordelegator, calltip and multicall, besides aboutDialog, ClassBrowser, PathBrowser, textView and configHelpSourceEdit already posted before.
This patch is named week1.diff

*Improving run/runall - (run-runall.diff)
This patch concerns more with the way run/runall are executed. The only modification for this occurs in the file
I have streamlined run/runall into a single function. The behavior is same as the current, except for the reuse of a single root window and the addition of a "next" button.

The logic behind it is contained in line 206 to line 223 of when run-runall.diff is applied.
In short, a list of tuple containing(spec, kwds and callable object) is used to store the required information. Global variables maintain the above information only for the current test. Once a user finishes a test, the values of the global variables are updated to reflect the values for the next test. The "next" button is disabled for the case when a) it is the last test 2) when run() is called from a module

If this approach is desired, please say so. I will work on improving the responsiveness of the root window(Constant size of root dialog, ensuring buttons, labels etc stay in the "same place" and dont "jump" around).
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