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Author Saimadhav.Heblikar
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Date 2014-05-20.09:09:13
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Adds spec dicts for aboutDialog, ClassBrowser, PathBrowser, textView and configHelpSourceEdit and modifies the related modules appropriately.
The spec dicts(and the tests relating to) for editorwindow and help dialog have not been modified in this patch.

The tests work OK when run individually from respective modules. The widgets are placed below parent. Some widgets close the parent when they are closed, some do not.(I feel the parent should be manually closed by the user, because the user might want to re-run a test. This would also help in reusing root, when running all the tests together).

The runall() seems shaky at the moment. For eg, as mentioned above, some widgets close the parent when they are closed, some do not. This is causes build-up of parent dialogs. I did not try to fix it, because things will change once we agree upon factoring out run() and runall(), about reusing the same root window for runall(). If things dont change, I will work on fixing the buildup of dialogs.

If this patch seems "incomplete" because of the above issue, please provide feedback about the tests itself, when run individually.
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