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Date 2014-05-17.16:13:32
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OK, I've finally had time to review this, sorry for the delay.

The impalib mechanism is tailored to how imap works (that's the whole thing about "continuation response".  smtplib auth works a bit differently, and your adaptation looks OK to me.  The accompanying docstrings are a bit confusing, though, since they copy the imaplib language, which isn't entirely applicable.  Instead of talking about a 'continuation response', it should talk about a '334 challenge response', I think.

Also, both the imaplib and smptlib methods are named after the corresponding command names in the protocol.  So for imaplib we have 'authenticate', but for smtplib it should be 'auth'.

I also think we should expose the supported auth methods as part of the public API.

I think exposing the preferred auth list is premature, since if we are going to do that we need to have a way to add elements to that list for the users's own auth methods and we don't have that.  So let's confine this issue to adding the 'auth' method and using it in the login method.

The tests should include a new test of calling the auth method directly.
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