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Author twouters
Date 2004-08-07.22:17:06
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The point of the original bugreport is not that some
operations return strings instead of subtypes. The point is
that *one* operation *sometimes* returns subtypes. It's
inconsistent and unexpected behaviour, and since you clearly
don't write 'sep.join(seq)'  for a common case of 'seq'
being a single item, something you will only occasionally
trigger. I don't have an emotional investment in this bug,
it's just something that came up on #python. I also don't
care which way it's fixed -- but treating the
single-element-sequence case the same as the
multiple-element-sequence seems logical to me. Regardless of
how the multiple-element-sequence is handled exactly :)

As for why I didn't write a patch myself, Michael, if I had
time for that, I would've spent it writing a good decorator
proposal >:-)
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