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Date 2014-05-12.04:08:37
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#18104 created idle_test/ Besides adding more tests in other issues, some possible improvements to htest itself follow. Many depend on not reusing run, as it now it, in the runall loop. What is left in common to both might be factored out.

* For runall, reuse the same master box so the user does not have to click away each master box to see another (which also appears in a different position). Instead, rewrite the message and if still used, the button.

* Make sure tested widgets do not cover the master box. For configSectionNameDialog, an htest parameter was added to the class to change the usual positioning (which was intentionally centered over the parent).

* For most tests, eliminate the button and simply display the widget. The button is needed for testing message boxes when one wants to test different entries (the section name dialog). 'button=True' could be added to the spec where needed.

* If there is no button to restart a test, then closing the widget should, if possible, close the master. The editor window does this, but that would have to be changed if runall ran in one root.

* The pre-existing editor window test hides (withdraws) the master (root) window. This is not necessary and should be changed.
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