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Author fgracia
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Date 2014-05-08.09:37:43
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I had problems for installing your *SearchBar*, Tal, in Python 33 and 34 until it downed onto me that in its present form it is only Python 2 compliant. This is then its first weakness, that of course can be easily remedied by applying ** to it, as I did. I am using Windows 7.

Another fault is that when IDLE's editor window is expanded to full screen the bar's widget fills half of it. I imagine that this should not be difficult to mend either.

If you would be interested in suggestions for your revision, mine would be that the option controls of the *Find* searchbar be disposed in two rows. This would avoid a certain clutter and allow the addition of a new one that, if possible, I would find convenient. It would perform the toggling of the simultaneous highlighting of all the matches of the search, something that is handy in some situations but can be confusing in others.

These are the only quirks that I have observed until now. I think that *SearchBar* is a must for anyone that uses IDLE's editor in 3.4 or in any previous version of Python (as I have discovered here that the problem is an old one) and am surprised that it does not belong to the standard distribution since it was available.

Thanks and congratulations for your excellent job.
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