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Date 2014-05-06.19:04:19
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In thread_nt.h:EnterNonRecursiveMutex the millisecond version (here: 2148000) of the seconds you passed in are converted to microseconds (so: 2148000000).

This is then passed to condvar.h:PyCOND_TIMEDWAIT which expects a long, whose 32-bit limit is 2147483647. So it wraps around and becomes -2146967296. 

That value is then divided by 1000 once again to become milliseconds (-2146967) and passed to condvar.h:_PyCOND_WAIT_MS which expects a DWORD, which is a synonym for an unsigned long. Thus the signed value becomes an unsigned 4292820329. Which then passed in as the millisecond timeout to WaitForSingleObjectEx.

So that's what's happening; but I'm really not sure at what stage a change should be made. It looks to me as if PyCOND_TIMEDWAIT should be accepting something more than a long, but I'm really not competent to assess the impact of such a change.
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