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Date 2014-05-05.13:46:59
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So it's not quite as bad as you think as SourceFileLoader.load_module() doesn't need an argument (I've opened to fix the documentation). Admittedly it is a longer command than imp.load_source() to type, but there is no extra information required or a necessity that you break the command up into multiple lines.

Plus imp.load_source() is just plain bad. The reason the imp module is deprecated in Python 3.4 is because it does not expose the low-level details of import in a way that makes any sense since Python 2.3 (and yes, I meant to write 2.3 instead of 3.3; the problem has persisted _that_ long).

That being said, talks are just starting to consider undoing the documented deprecation of load_module() such that you can continue to use that as a substitute for imp.load_source()/imp.load_module().

I'm going to leave this bug open, hijack its title, and refocus this as to consider leaving in importlib as the all-powerful fallback API which also simplifies transitioning from imp.
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