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On Mon 28 Apr 2014, Jim Jewett wrote:
> pinging David Watson:  What is the status?  If I understand correctly, (and I may well not), you have already opened other issues for parts of this, and (only) the final patch is ready for patch (and hopefully) commit review.  Is this correct?

No, I haven't opened any separate issues (I would be perfectly
happy with fixing the original renaming-vs-copying problem and
then leaving this issue open to deal with the rest).  The patches
mailbox-copy-back-2.7.diff and
mailbox-tests-2.7-part1-for-copy-back.diff are what I suggest
applying for the renaming-vs-copying problem.

I haven't looked at the other patches in much detail, but for
what it's worth, the tests in mailbox-tests-2.7-part2.diff do
pass with mailbox-update-toc-again.diff applied.
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