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On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Adam Polkosnik

> I've got some test cases where the zlib_forward_slash.patch doesn't cut it.

My recommendation (and I could be convinced otherwise) would be to replace

    if fname_str != zinfo.orig_filename:
        raise ...

with something more like

    self.filename_check(fname_str,  zinfo.orig_filename)

and a default implementation of filename_check that does nothing if
they're equal; calls the slash replace (since the standard supports
that correction); does nothing else if they're now equal; emits a
warning (or prints, in 2.7.6) otherwise.

In 2.7.6, you would have to keep the new methods private, but in 3.5,
users could override filename_check to handle the windows path
normalization, or whatever other problems you have documented.
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