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Author berker.peksag
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Date 2014-04-30.18:32:09
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Here's an updated patch. Thanks for the reviews.

> And of course we should keep "at 0x..." part, because it is the way to distinguish different lock objects.


    $ ./python -c "import threading; l = threading.Lock(); print(l)"
    <unlocked _thread.lock object at 0x7f0a19e7b1f8>

> The repr of threading._RLock contains owner and count, but not lock/unlock status.


    $ ./python -c "import threading; rl = threading.RLock(); rl.acquire(); print(rl)"
    <locked _thread.RLock object owner=139769600231168 count=1>

>  The repr of locks from _dummy_thread also should contain lock/unlock status.


    $ ./python -c "import dummy_threading as threading; l = threading.Lock(); print(l)"
    <unlocked _dummy_thread.LockType object at 0x7fb334245400>

    $ ./python -c "import dummy_threading as threading; l = threading.RLock(); print(l)"
    <unlocked threading._RLock object owner=None count=0 at 0x7f524d0138e0>

> As for tests, I think assertRegex() will produce more useful error report.

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