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Date 2014-04-29.20:59:51
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Patch version 6:

- I renamed "int zero" parameter to "int use_calloc" and move the new parameter at the first position to avoid confusion with nelem. For example, _PyObject_Alloc(ctx, 1, nbytes, 0) becomes _PyObject_Alloc(0, ctx, 1, nbytes). It also more logical to put it in the first position. In bytesobject.c, I leaved it at the parameter at the end since its meaning is different (fill bytes with zero or not) IMO.

- I removed my hack (premature optimization) "assert(nelem == 1); ... malloc(elsize);" and replaced it with a less surprising "... malloc(nelem * elsize);"

Stefan & Charles-Fran├žois: I hope that the patch looks better to you.
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